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Whatever the occasion – wedding, birthday, meeting, or even just for indulging your taste buds - Paillard will delight you with a cake made especially for your occasion.

Feast your eyes on our cakes!


Consists of chocolate and caramel cream biscuit with nutty nougat, topped with chocolate icing. The Equinox is an appeal to all chocolate lovers.


Delectable layers of almond biscuit, mousseline cream and almond paste, topped with savoury strawberries. Simply delicious!
*Seasonal availability


Mounted on feuilletine praliné, this new delight consists of a delicious rasberry cream incorporated between a vanilla ganache and a delicate chocolate milk mousse. A pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds.


A true chocolate pleasure... a delicious velvety blend of chocolate biscuit with a mixture of white, milk, and dark Bavarian chocolate. All glazed with chocolate and decorated with fruit.

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