The Paillard Experience

The Business

A delicious, mouthwatering, tasty ‘rendez-vous’ joining Europe and America

Resulting from an innovating gastronomical alliance between Europe and America, the café-boulangerie Paillard came to life in the historical heart of Old Quebec City June 2006. Fresh breads, pastries, sandwiches and ice creams are the true stars of 1097, Saint-Jean Street. At the origin of this unprecedented project is the passionate Yves Simard. He achieved his life long dream of marrying the finesse of French cuisine with the speed and efficiency associated with American ‘fast food’ to create a restaurant concept that is refined while remaining accessible to all.

The Culinary Experience

Where flavour and creativity are always meeting!

The Paillard Café-Boulangerie has become an institution in Québec. It is distinguished by its homemade products of the highest quality. The talent of the Paillard team has made it one of the most popular gourmet destinations in Québec.

Our team is dedicated to bringing to life the exceptional art of food and ambiance for each and every guest.

Paillard creates fresh delectable products every day in a hip and stylish décor. And with two long refectory tables dominating the large dining room, the Paillard Café-Boulangerie is the place to share in camaraderie and good food while enjoying the spirit of the Old Québec!

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